Registration Information for 2022/23 School Year

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The following information is to assist students and parent(s)/guardian(s) in the registration process for the 2022-23 school year. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and timely information so that students can make wise decisions when selecting courses for next year. Please watch our annual Registration Information Night to be livestreamed on Thursday, February 3 from Chaska High School. Administration, counselors and teachers will be presenting.

 Registration Timeline:

  • February 1 - 3 : 8th grade and current high school students will receive registration information at their respective school
  • February 3 at 6:30 pm: REGISTRATION INFORMATION NIGHT LIVE STREAMED at links below:
  • February 4 - 18: Students register for courses in portal. Counselors will visit middle schools to help with entering course requests.
  • February 7 at 6:00 pm: PSEO Night will be live streamed at

Counselors will be hosting WIN sessions and visiting classrooms to help after registration night. The recording of registration night will be available afterwards.

The course registration guide and information provides detailed information about each course, including length, credits, and topics. This information is online and easily accessible to students and families in the online Registration Guide. The high schools create a master schedule based on student requests. This means sections of courses in each semester and the teachers who teach those sections are determined by student requests.  It is extremely important that students be as accurate as possible in making their course requests and be committed to taking those classes. Courses will be cancelled if there are not enough students enrolled. Please understand that student registration requests help the school know student preferences and create a schedule. Students register for courses only. They are not able to request semesters, periods, or teachers. 

 Tips for Selecting Courses for Next Year:

  • Review your transcript and understand current credit status toward graduation.
  • Use graduation requirements in the online Registration Guide
  • Select the appropriate level of courses required for graduation and entrance into college if that is your plan.
  • Select other electives based on interest, ability, and post-high school preparation.

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