FREE Resource to Track/Project Future NCAA Eligibility

The Chaska High School Athletics Department provides a FREE resource to our students/families to begin tracking/projecting future NCAA Eligibility through a resource called “Core Course GPA”.  Did you know:

  • NCAA DI/DII Initial-Eligibility academic requirements are different than the graduation requirements for Chaska High School.
  • Not all courses offered at Chaska High School are accepted by the NCAA as core courses for the purpose of meeting the NCAA’s credit and GPA requirements.
  • An NCAA core course GPA is not the same as the cumulative GPA on the report card and is often lower.
  • The minimum NCAA core GPA requirements are more rigorous than graduation requirements. In addition, the lower your NCAA core GPA, the higher your SAT/ACT scores must be.
  • Counselors and coaches do not track student-athletes for NCAA Initial-Eligibility.
  • Students interested in playing athletics at the collegiate level should begin tracking their NCAA core course GPA their freshman year. All semesters count towards meeting the NCAA’s academic requirements and it is not uncommon for 33% of core courses to be completed during freshman year.

Chaska High School provides all student-athletes with access to a free account with to assist them in tracking their NCAA Initial-Eligibility progress. Here are some links to assist our students/families to this free resource.