Senior Picture Submissions

Senior pictures are due by 3:00pm on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.  No late submissions will be accepted. Submit the photo digitally via this link or go to with the user ID:  0fKwLTdHhZ4xEPafREymE9g

  • Upload only ONE digital portrait photo.  This photo will be used for the yearbook so it needs to be a high resolution image for printing purposes.
  • Photo quality needs to be 300 DPI or higher for actual image size.
  • JPEG format is required.  Photos are placed at approx 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" in the yearbook if this helps for aspect ration (width and height), but you can submit any size portrait as long as it is a "high resolution" JPEG portrait.  NO TIFF or PNG files allowed!


  • FULL COLOR - half-tone, mono-tone, black and white, or other non-full color prints will NOT be accepted.
  • HEAD SHOTS from at least the waist up tend to work best with school appropriate attire.  The goal is to focus on the student and full-body shots or unique angles may need to be cropped to meet layout specifications.  When cropped, revealing outfits may appear inappropriate, so take care with bare shoulders, low-cut shirts and tube tops.
  • NO PROPS, PETS, BORDERS, SPECIAL EFFECTS, HATS, SUNGLASSES, SILLY FACES, ETC.  Failure to follow these specifications may result in your picture not being included in the yearbook.

Click here for a list of local photographers used by other graduates.

If you do not submit a senior portrait, your Lifetouch ID photo will be used instead, if available from senior year.  If there is not a Lifetouch photo available, the student will be listed as "Not Pictured".

Questions:  Please contact Cassie Bernhardt at or



Order your Yearbook Today

The yearbook is an historical account of students' lives and activities during their four years of High School.  Often the most treasured item of a student's life, a yearbook reflects the trends and personality of school life and helps one remember those glory years.  You can order online at

Yearbooks can also be personalized with names and icons for a small cost.

Our yearbook covers activities through early March.  All activities taking place after this will be covered in the Spring Supplement.  The Spring Supplement must be purchased separately.  You can choose to have this mailed to your home in the summer for a small fee, or pick it up at Chaska High School the following fall for no extra fee.

Back to School Offer - July 10-September 22: $89, 4 free icons with paid personalization

Offer 2 - September 23-November 24: $95

Offer 3 - November 25-January 26, 2024: $97 - last chance for a guaranteed book

Offer 4 - January 27-May 1:  $97 - limited supply - once they're gone, they're gone

Distribution - Late May - $100 in person only, if there are any available for sale


Ads for Grads

Every year, the yearbook staff sponsors a fundraiser available to seniors called Ads for Grads.  These advertisements are a unique part of the yearbook in that they add a personal, heart-felt touch to your senior's yearbook by looking back on their early years.  An Ad for Grad is a wonderful way to say something important to your child before they graduate from CHS, whether it's sound advice, a special quote or poem, or a message about just how much you love them.  All proceeds form Ads for Grads go back to the Hawk to help supplement the costs of the yearbook.  All Ads will be paid and submitted online to Jostens.  Shop the collection at and selected Student Recognition Ad for $40 for 1/8 of a page or $80 for a 1/4 of a page.  Payment plans are available.  Call 1-800-358-0800 for customer service.

Ads for Grads are due January 1, 2024

Yearbook Advisor

Ms. Bernhardt: or

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