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The mission of Chaska High School is to prepare each learner for successful completion of a post-secondary educational program, life-long learning, career opportunities, and meaningful contributions as a citizen of a local and global community by providing personalized, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences.

In an effort to support our Chaska High School mission, Chaska High School offers over 30 different athletics programs designed to meet the interests of our students.  Chaska High School recognizes the value and importance of athletics programs as an extension of a good educational program.  Participation in the athletics programs is a privilege and a valuable part of the overall school experience.  It contributes to the emotional, physical, and intellectual development of our students, helping prepare them to become productive, contributing citizens of their community.

Chaska Athletics Belief Statements:

  • Athletics is part of our educational programming. It should be FUN!
  • Athletics must teach positive values: fair play, good sportsmanship, pride in self, team and school.
  • Participation in athletics is important.  Multi-sport participation is encouraged and supported.
  • A comprehensive athletics program offering will support and reflect student interest and participation.
  • Athletics should encourage athletes to stretch beyond their comfort zone, taking risks within a structured environment.
  • Athletics enhances physical and mental well-being.
  • Meaningful competition is healthy.
  • A sound athletics program stimulates participants to win and excel, recognizing our purpose is human growth and potential.
  • Our community values athletics.
  • Our school community is stronger when we promote healthy relationships through respect for opponents, officials, teammates, self, and for persons in position of authority.

Athletics at Chaska High School builds community through the engagement of students, staff, parents, alumni, and all members of our school community.  We take pride in knowing that our coaches are educators and our athletes are learners; and that we are all representatives of our Chaska Hawks school community.  Successful athletics teams generate unique excitement across the school, help strengthen bonds amongst our school community, build loyalty in a healthy manner, and give our school community yet another reason to be proud and celebrate all that is Chaska High School.

The Chaska Hawks compete in the Metro West Conference and are members of the Minnesota State High School League.  Chaska High School has won over 195 Conference Championships, participated in over 205 State Tournaments, and has won State Championships in Boys’ Basketball, Girls' Basketball, Dance Team, Football, Girls’ Golf, Adapted Softball, and Volleyball!

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Anita Woodrow
Athletic Director / Assistant Principal


Anita Woodrow
Assistant Principal/Athletics Director
(952) 556-7130
Brenda Lentz
Athletics Administrative Assistant
(952) 556-7130
Paige Hinze
Athletics Assistant/Evening Supervisor
(952) 556-7130
Virma Behnke
Intercultural Specialist (Spanish)
Morgan Schrankler
Certified Athletic Trainer/Ridgeview Medical Center
(952) 556-2656
Madina Abshir
Intercultural Specialist (Somali)
(952) 556-6917

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