Drama & Theatre

The Theater program at CHS is made up of unique individuals working together to create theatrical productions that are polished, entertaining, and fun for our audiences as well as educational and formative for our performers and technicians.
  • We welcome and include students of all levels—grade and experience. Everyone can and will find a place within this organization as long as they possess an interest in theater and the willingness to learn, to take risks, to stretch their comfort zones, and to work hard.
  • We value a process-based approach that emphasizes learning and provides performers, technicians, and musicians with a safe, open space to explore, understand, and sharpen their skills as theater artists.
  • We define success by our personal and community growth and development, as well as by the community response to and attendance at our productions.
  • We recognize that we need one another to develop physically, psychologically, and socially as well as for having fun and achieving our goals.  This requires work, dedication, cooperation, positive attitudes, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

Connect with Us

Facebook: Chaska High School Theater Department

Instagram & Twitter: @chaskatheatre


The Chaska Hawks Theater Department administers a separate website with information on our program offerings.  Please visit us at:


Jon Christensen
District 112 Theater Manager
Jen Farrell
Fall Musical Director & Spring Play Director
Lori Constable
One-Act Play Director
Shelley Kline
Vocal Director
Mark King
Timothy Beckler
Orchestra Conductor