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We are a competitive Softball program consisting of Varsity, JV, B-Squad & 9th grade teams.  Our season will officially begin on Monday, March 11, 2019. Students must meet both Eastern Carver County School District and Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) eligibility requirements.  All student-athletes interested in participating in Softball must be completely registered with the Chaska High School Athletics Department prior to any participation.  To complete your registration or to learn more about the registration process, go to

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MSHSL Season starts March 11, 2019

Remember that girls can still sign up for Weight Training with Barry on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school!

  1. MEETINGS: The player meeting will be Tuesday, February 26th at 3:15 pm in the Blue Forum (Middle Schooler’s arrive when you can, we can fill you in on anything you missed once you arrive). The parent meeting will be Tuesday, March 5th at 6:00 pm in the Blue Forum.
  2. TRYOUTS: We are looking to field four competitive teams this year. With numbers continuing to grow this does mean that the first week of practice (March 11 – 15) could result in cuts.
  3. REGISTRATION: Every player must be signed up/registered by Tuesday, March 5th. Players cannot practice unless registered, have fees paid, and have an updated physical. Here is the link to register
  4. SOFTBALL ATTIRE: The site to order this year’s softball attire is now open! Please keep in mind that the only required piece of attire is the black practice t-shirt. Everything else is completely OPTIONAL! Here is the link There will be two waves of orders:
    1. The first wave is open February 1 and runs through through Sunday, February 10th. This first wave should arrive during the first week of the season.
    2. The second wave will begin March 11th and will run through Sunday, March 17th. This second wave of orders should arrive during the first or second week of April.


Gary Meister
Head Coach
(952) 556-7130
Monica Castaldi
Varsity Coach
(952) 556-7130
Mark McKenzie
Asst Coach
(952) 556-7130
Amy Huett
9th Grade Coach
(952) 556-7130