2020-21 Sports Qualifying Physicals

A reminder that all student-athletes that intend to participate in a school-sponsored Chaska Hawks fall, winter, and/or spring athletics program, must have a qualified sports physical on file with the Chaska Hawks Athletics Department, prior to any participation clearance.  Please note the following adjustments, approved by the MSHSL Board for the 2020-21 school year: • During the 2020-21 school year only, all current physical dates on file with Chaska Athletics will be good for three calendar years.  For example, if a student’s date of physical was August 17, 2018, that physical would be good through August 17, 2021 for the 2020-21 school year only.  Prior to this adjustment, District 112 practice was that a physical clearance was good for two calendar years. • Each student must still complete the annual health history questionnaire. This will be done as part of the online registration process.  The online registration system is scheduled to open on July 13th.  • Any student... Continue reading 2020-21 Sports Qualifying Physicals

FREE Resource to Track/Project Future NCAA Eligibility

The Chaska High School Athletics Department provides a FREE resource to our students/families to begin tracking/projecting future NCAA Eligibility through a resource called “Core Course GPA”.  Did you know: NCAA DI/DII Initial-Eligibility academic requirements are different than the graduation requirements for Chaska High School. Not all courses offered at Chaska High School are accepted by the NCAA as core courses for the purpose of meeting the NCAA’s credit and GPA requirements. An NCAA core course GPA is not the same as the cumulative GPA on the report card and is often lower. The minimum NCAA core GPA requirements are more rigorous than graduation requirements. In addition, the lower your NCAA core GPA, the higher your SAT/ACT scores must be. Counselors and coaches do not track student-athletes for NCAA Initial-Eligibility. Students interested in playing athletics at the collegiate level should begin tracking their NCAA core course GPA their freshman year. All... Continue reading FREE Resource to Track/Project Future NCAA Eligibility

CHS Grades Now Posted on Portal

Students and families: Distance learning has been a significant undertaking for teachers, students, and families. The impact on learning is hard to measure; assigning grades has been difficult as well. Eastern Carver County Schools is committed to ensuring that students are not harmed by grading procedures during distance learning. Teachers have been asked to assign grades of A – D that best reflect their measurement of student learning during this period. Students who have not been able to show learning at a minimum level will receive an NG (or No Grade) instead of an F. These grades are now visible through Parent Portal and Student Portal on the report card. To view your grades, follow the steps at this link. Students and families have the option of accepting letter grades (A – D) that have been assigned to you, or you may change any letter grade to a P (or Pass).  The P indicates that a student has met the minimum expectations for the course. Any class receiving a P... Continue reading CHS Grades Now Posted on Portal