Today, Chaska High School administration delivered a message to our student body reinforcing what we believe as a school community, making clear what our expectations are for conduct, and what the consequences will be for those who choose to engage in derogatory or hurtful language or actions. In conjunction with the assembly classroom conversations took place focusing on our school norms, what students can expect from teachers, and what students can do to support each other.

Principal Bach’s full remarks and a summary of expectations outlined by Dean DeLeon can be found below.

Principal Bach: “It’s easy to look at the recent incidents that have happened at our school – incidents that have deeply harmed members of our community – and say that it’s not who we are. The reality is, we do have issues in this school, and until we acknowledge that and address it head on, we can’t move forward. Everyone sitting in this room has a different story, and a different lived experience. We talk a lot about recognizing that we are all have different struggles. What we don’t do a good enough job doing is acknowledging that our students of color in this school are tackling all of the struggles of a high school student, plus the weight of a history and culture that has tried to put roadblocks in their path. If you don’t think there’s a problem, then that’s part of our problem. We have students in this room right now who don’t feel safe. That’s not acceptable to me, and it should not be acceptable to you. I’m asking all of you to step up and show up and be there for each other. We are all Hawks. You need to be accountable not just for yourself, but for your classmates. And if one of us is being hurt, or bullied, or harassed, we are all responsible for making sure that behavior is being called out and stopped. I believe in every single one of you. I believe in this school. But we cannot continue to ignore these issues just because these experiences aren’t our own. We are all responsible for changing this.”

Expectations outlined by Dean DeLeon:

  1. Any words, images or behavior that are derogatory or racist will not be tolerated.
  2. Consequences for these behaviors will include in-school suspension, out of school suspension, a combination of both, or expulsion. More information about consequences is outlined in our student handbook.
  3. Students can expect to have the topic of diversity and inclusion in the forefront of many conversations to come.

Dean Nelson shared formal complaint contacts:

Assistant Superintendent, Amy LaDue – or 952-556-6114

Director of Human Resources, Dr. Jim O’Connell – or 952-556-6251

Student Services Administrator, David Brecht – or 952-556-6141